Motorhome in Spain

First we find out what five steps you should take before launching your first motorhome trip. Then we deflower with an unforgettable weekend in Las Hurdes that can serve as a guide for beginners in carrying the house on their backs and to calculate how much it can cost you... But we have too many monkeys.

En venta el 'Motorhome' de Nico Rosberg

What is your next destination? Traveling by motorhome allows you to plan your trip in detail and turn it into a unique adventure, you can go wherever you want! The possibilities are so many that sometimes it is difficult to choose, but don't worry because we have made a selection of the best routes to travel by motorhome in Spain that you cannot miss.

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Know How guide to Continental travel

Grab your “log book” and sign up for all the Motorhome Routes in Spain! It is important to know the regulations on caravans, motorhomes and campervans to avoid possible inconveniences.

>> Camp or Park?<<

Traveling with a caravan gives us the freedom to move with our house through the most common places and also through the most unimaginable that the roads allow. This advantage allows you to establish your house in campsites in incredible environments, but spending the night on the road, visiting a city, arriving at a destination without camping, or simply wanting to camp in a wonderful place, it is not always easy.

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Pirineos Aragoneses - Rutas Autocaravanas
Learning this difference is the most important thing. If you are parked, national traffic regulations will apply. So, as long as you are properly parked, you cannot be fined for sleeping or cooking inside your caravan, motorhome and camper. On the other hand, if you are camping, the regulations of each autonomous community will be applied to you, which generally implies that you can be fined if you are not in an area authorized for this (camping areas or campsites). How do you decide if you are camped or parked? 

>> Some Accessories you might need<<

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